update 2

Will actually make a video talking about this and explaining all this later, but for now:

[What has been finished]

-have added a character select screen

-can now have all 4 characters on screen at once

-have added an enemy randomizer

-if randomizer loads in 0 enemies it just ends the battle

-nathan and the unnamed character are completely finished now

-all the programming and extra assets for rebecca are already in place. I just have to animate the actual character herself now

-misty will be the last main character I do before I start working on the rest of the demo

[what needs to be done]

-there is some kind of bug where nathan and the unnamed characters special attacks do now work properly. I cant find anything wrong with the programming, and it doesnt happen often enough for me to be able to figure out exactly whats causing it.

-doing rebecca's sprites.

-doing the entirity of misty

-making backgrounds for the battles

-fixing up the character select cause that comes with its own problems

-overworld. All of it. 

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