new update!

So i will soon be releasing a mini demo to play testers soon. ive been working and i think ill have a pretty playable demo soon enough. not playable demo like the final version, but more like a small version that can be tested for bugs and make sure everything works as intended. so you guys are gonna have to do a lot of bug testing for me. but it'll pay off in that you'll finally get to see how the overworld part of the game works. once thats done, we've tested and knows it works, its back to fine tuning the battle system. then im going to be integrating the two systems. final fantasy style switch from overworld to battle making sure that works. once i have everything fine tuned, im going to write the entire demo script and just start building the main demo.

so we have a plan!

finished the main overworld

just need to make the 3 dungeons.

QnD system works! (thats the quest and dialogue system for those of oyu who dont know)

however, it does not support line breaks

which means ill either have to keep sentences short, or for longer bits of dialogue, you will have to sit there, and watch as we go through line upon line, uplon line.

good new again, i have figured out how the system works for the most part and i think ive already theorized a way to get full cutscenes in there and working.

more bad news, which audio is supported, its not built in. you have to program in the audio yourself. wont be too hard but it will slow progress trying to program in something to handle audio lines working around the confines of this system.

good news, i think this wont be too hard, but i will have to figure out a few more things. i think we can totally do this.

its just gonna be a little harder than i thought itd be.

this project is a major headache but its nice to make progress. hopefully i can show you guys a playable mini demo soon.

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