YAAAAY alright so one of these is super late.... Actually, both of these are super late. No excuses, i just forgot to update you guys on here. I was so worried about the finals that were coming up that it just slipped my mind. ON THE PLUS SIDE, NOW I HAVE 2 NEW VIDEOS TO SHOW OFF!

This first video is the update! couple of announcements to make in there that I am really proud of!


The game

-finished phase 1. the first 4 characters are in place and work as intended. There are still a couple bugs to work out, but generally everything is going well.

The comic

-my goal is to end the comic this december. finally finish it off, once and for all


-I'm finally going to start activly looking for voice actors and musicians now! also im going to have a creature design contest! if you want to put in some good monster designs, just send them to TWTWEthegame@gmail.com


A new video thats supposed to be a spotlight/explination of what the game is. should make it easier to explain to people about the game and how it works. 

I'm very proud of how this video turned out. quality could be better, yes, but ive been wanting to make this vid forever, and now i finally got the chance!

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