finally figured out a bug

ever wondered why geoffery looked so blurry when you saw in game shots of him? well i just found out its because blender has a very bad way of streaching its images. and because of that all the characters after mark looked SUPER blury. i could not for the life of me figure out why. and because of that i was doomed to trying everything. its because my sprite sheets arent really much of a sheet. its a long image. just a strip with all the sprites on there. this makes it easier to impliment into blender, but it made the characters blury. after remaking the sheet to actually be sheets with dimentions, i had to go back and redo the characters, which was a major pain, might i add. but this resulted in them not only looking better, but way crisper and not at all blury. they look the way i animated them. which i am greatful for. reason im telling you all this is cause the moral of the story is, sometimes there is a shortcut thats way easier, but that will bring its own problems. so just do things the right way the first time so you dont suffer later like i did. 

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