update 10-4-2017

Alright so its been a while since ive talked about the game. I've actually been busy with school. Also, None of the work ive done has been... showable. like i said before its been more behind the scenes stuff on the programming. side.

 so, good news, misty and rebecca are in the game and they work! 

bad news, i somehow screwed up nathan. no clue what i did, am trying to fix him. aslo, misty and rebecca are borrowing nathens sprite sheet. thats why i couldnt really show anything off. cause everything looks the same. 

also I just did some optimising and cleaned up the code a bit to be easier to read, and to change. 

Thats honestly all ive done so far. So the next step will be actually making the sprites for both rebecca and misty and implimenting them. once that is done i will be done with the hero's side of the demo, and can start working on everything else. 

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